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Malibu - call 310-457-9701 to check conditions
Click here to check tides
Click here to check the surf forecast

Conditions         Visibility         Last Updated

Broad/ Leo Carillo              15ft vis, 57 deg, 07/15

Point dume              25ft vis,  mild current, 58 deg 07/15

Malibu Road             10 vis, 1-2ft waves, 59 degrees    07/13

Redondo Beach       low surf, 10ft vis, cold at depth 07/12

Malaga Beach           10ft vis, surgy, 01/21

Marineland              10-15ft vis at the point, a little rough 01/21

Laguna Beach         Click here for Laguna Conditions

Anacapa                  40vis, temp 64 degrees        07/12

Santa Cruz                40ft vis, 65 degrees                            10/15

Catalina                    30-40ft vis, 62 degrees, 58 below 60ft    07/14

San Clemente           50-60ft vis, 60-64deg                  10/16

Santa Barbara           20-30ft vis, 62deg                  10/16